Subject Re: SV: [ib-support] Online help
Author Paul Reeves
Datatal AB - Gauffin, Jonas wrote:
> I ment online browsable html file. I do not think that a couple PDF's
> can replace a well written html documentation.
> An excellent example are mysqls documentation:

Hmm. That is exactly the kind of documentation packaging that I hate.
HTML doesn't cut it for me on that scale.

In any case you haven't seen the IBPhoenix docs for Firebird. To say:

'I do not think that a couple PDF's can replace a well written html

is wide of the mark. Obviously I am biased but in fact I had no part in
the creation of the docs, apart from some proof-reading. They are well
written, comprehensive and well-indexed. If there were awards for good
PDF documentation I think they would deserve a prize.

I know that they are not as easily available as they might be, but we do
have plans to make them more available in the near future at a cheaper

>>In the future there will also be Firebird docs to replace the Borland
>>ones; these will be available in PDF, HTML and maybe other formats.
>>But the process of creating these has just (re)started, so don't hold
>>your breath :-)
> Make a subproject to firebird on for the documentation. I'll join
> it =)

It is already a sub-project and has been since shortly after the
Firebird project started. Unfortunately it has been rather quiet since
not long after that.


Paul Reeves
Supporting users of Firebird and InterBase