Subject Re: SV: [ib-support] Online help
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Jonas,

> I ment online browsable html file. I do not think that a couple
> PDF's can replace a well written html documentation.

If the PDFs are well-written and crosslinked, why not? The IBPhoenix
docs that Helen mentioned are.

> An excellent example are mysqls documentation:
> > In the future there will also be Firebird docs to replace the
> > Borland ones; these will be available in PDF, HTML and maybe other
> > formats. But the process of creating these has just (re)started,
> > so don't hold your breath :-)
> Make a subproject to firebird on for the documentation.

It exists already :-)

> I'll join it =)

Great! If you really mean this, please send me an email at

Paul Vinkenoog