Subject Re: SV: [ib-support] Online help
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Paul Reeves wrote:

> In any case you haven't seen the IBPhoenix docs for Firebird. To say:
> 'I do not think that a couple PDF's can replace a well written html
> documentation.'
> is wide of the mark. Obviously I am biased but in fact I had no part
> in the creation of the docs, apart from some proof-reading. They are
> well written, comprehensive and well-indexed. If there were awards
> for good PDF documentation I think they would deserve a prize.

I think I'm not biased (and if I am, it's in favor of free docs so
that wouldn't be a reason to applaud the IBPhoenix docs) but I agree
that these docs are excellent and more than worth their money.

But the page headers are ugly! Yuck! :-)

Paul Vinkenoog