Subject Problem installing Firebird 1.5
Author Stephen Wood
Hi all,

I've run into a little problem that maybe one of you guys can help me out

I'm trying to install Firebird 1.5, and I've tested it on our systems, and
everything seems to work ok. Our aim is to install Firebird on pc that
potentially will have Interbase installed as what I did was
install Firebird 1.0 again (cos that looks almost exactly like interbase)
and then tried to install Firebird 1.5 as well. The guardian service
installs ok, but the actual server doesn't. Windows reports error 1078
trying to install the server into the service control manager. I suspect
it's because it clashing with FB 1.0 server....

I did try and change the port number in the Firebird.conf file as well...

Any ideas?

I'm running Win2K pro...


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