Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird/Interbase concurrent running
Author Daniel Rail

At March 10, 2003, 09:28, Stephen Wood wrote:

> Unfortunately we won't be able to change from IBX just yet, so I might have
> to recompile the source code to use fbclient.dll (thanks for that note).
> I'll download Firebird 1.5 tonight and have a look-see if it will sort a
> potential problem out for us.....

> One last question, Has the interface changed between gds32.dll and
> fbclient.dll? If I simply search and replace gds32.dll to fbclient.dll and
> recompile IBX will it work?

Actually, simply do what Phil suggested, install the new gds32.dll and
fbclient.dll client libraries in the same directory as your
application, and it should work. The new gds32.dll is only for
backwards compatibility and redirects the calls to fbclient.dll. But,
do keep in mind, that gds32.dll will not always be there, it might
disappear in a future version of Firebird(unknown when, if it

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