Subject Firebird/Interbase concurrent running
Author Stephen Wood
Hi guys and gals,

We need some help from some gurus on a little problem we have. We have
currently finishing off a system using Firebird for Win32. The
problem that we may encounter is when we deploy our system, because there is
a chance of clients pc's already having Interbase installed. Is it possible
if we can change port numbers on Firebird, or do some trick to get the two
systems running simulanteously, or can we just use the Interbase that's
installed on their pc (provided it supports Dialect 3)?

I know Firebird 2 will be allow Firebird and Interbase to run on the same
pc, but my questions are, when will Firebird 2 be released (I'm pushing my
luck with this one)?, and secondly, what are other people doing regarding
this little problem?

Thanks in advance

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