Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird/Interbase concurrent running
Author Daniel Rail

At March 10, 2003, 08:54, Stephen Wood wrote:

> OK, interesting, anyone out there using Firebird 1.5 beta 3 with SP's,
> views, generators and triggers who can comment on stability? (that's about
> as difficult as we get)

I use all of them. When I mentioned, that I don't do complicated
things, I was referring to complex queries. But, I've seen tests with
very complex queries yielding very good results.

> Unfortunately your second suggestion won't help us, cos these guys only have
> one pc, and it might or might not have interbase installed.

> One last question, if I'm using IBX, how would I assign a different port to
> run on, or would I need to get upgrades of IBX?

If I'm not mistaken to assign a different port, use the following syntax:

To assign a different port number for the Firebird server, you'll have
to make some modifications in Firebird.conf configuration file, and
make the necessary adjustments in Windows Services file(same drectory
where the Hosts file is located) to add the new tcp/ip service.

One thing to keep in mind, is that with Firebird 1.5 there's a new
client DLL, called fbclient.dll. There still is a gds32.dll that
simply redirects the calls to the new fbclient.dll. I don't know if
the new fbclient.dll would work with Interbase 6.5 and up. So, one
thing that you could do is modify IBX to point to fbclient.dll,
instead of gds32.dll. So this way, you would make sure that everything
still works. You'll have to test it to make sure everything works

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