Subject Strange things happen to SP Parameter
Author Andreas Schmidt
Hi all,
I use the latest stable Firebird release with Delphi 5 Pro. and the FIBPlus
Components. In my Database there are several Stored Procedures. Some of them
have about 20 Parameter of different types like INTEGER or VARCHAR. Most of
the VARCHAR-Parameter have a length of about 100 to 255 charachters and I
use UNICODE_FSS characterset.

Now to my problem:
After I´ve changed a SP or did something else in the DB with
Firebird-Workbench or EMS Firebird Manager the length of my VARCHAR and CHAR
Parameters is changing itself!!! E.g NAME VARCHAR(200) gets to NAME
VARCHAR(765) after I commit the changes to the SP. This stops only when
Firebird says: '...implementation limit exceded...' and my Parameter have a
length of about 3000 charachters!!!!!.

What´s going on? Is this a bug or a wrong DB Design on my side? Are the SP
Parameter limited?

Please help me!!!!!!
(Sorry for my maybe bad english!!!:-))