Subject cannot rebuild 2 gig db in ib7 on linux
Author bhfouts99 <>
I have an issue that I am running into with version 7.0 of interbase
on SuSE Linux Enterprise Server. The error I am receiving when
rebuilding/restoring the db using gbak is:

I/O error for file "/path to db.gdb"
Error while trying to write to file
Invalid argument

This is the exact command I am using:

gbak -r -v -R -user sysdba -password
masterkey /opt/dbbackup/backup.gbk

This error occurs during the creating indices message and I believe
it is
occuring just before or during the final commit process of the

The db is around 2.2 Gig once rebuilt, it was backed up using 5.6 and
we are
trying to restore this in version 7. My first guess is that this has
something to do with the amount of temp space available in the /tmp
directory, but I am not aware of Linux limiting your /tmp directory -
if it
does where is this defined? I am running this as the root user and
about 65 gig of free space. I have also created another directory
ibtemp and changed the ibconfig file to use up to 5 gig in this
still get the same error even doing this - so that leads me to
believe this
is something other than a temp directory issue. I have verified that
of my smaller db's will rebuild without this error, but they are all
than 1 gig so it is definitely something to do with going over a
size limit but what exactly I am not sure of. If you need other
let me know and I appreciate your help in advance.

Brandon Fouts