Subject Re: cannot rebuild 2 gig db in ib7 on linux
Author Aage Johansen
"bhfouts99 " wrote:
> I have an issue that I am running into with version 7.0 of interbase
> running on SuSE Linux Enterprise Server. The error I am receiving
> when rebuilding/restoring the db using gbak is:
> I/O error for file "/path to db.gdb"
> Error while trying to write to file
> Invalid argument
> This is the exact command I am using:
> gbak -r -v -R -user sysdba -password masterkey
> /opt/dbbackup/backup.gbk /opt/ibdb/db.gdb
> This error occurs during the creating indices message and I believe
> it is occuring just before or during the final commit process of the
> rebuild.
> ...

If you restore with de-activated indexes ("-inactive" switch, I think),
will later activation of the indexes fail in the same way?
I have no experience with Linux, but can you see files being generated in
the directory where you expect temp files to be created?

I faintly remember discussion of problems with "too large" temp files -
don't know whether this applies to your situation.
IB has released a patch for IB/7 which "fixes problems with sort/merge
joins" - maybe ...

Aage J.