Subject Problem with Firebird/gbak on Linux
Author Andrew Monteith <andrew.monteith@valmet.

I am running Firebird 64io on SuSE 7.3. I was running
Firebird before I upgraded.

My problem is this

gbak -c -p 8192 -se service_mgr <gbk> <gdb> -user ... -pass ....
returns this

gbak: ERROR: Unable to complete network request to host "localhost".
gbak: ERROR: Error reading data from the connection.
gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors

this used to work before the upgrade. If I change the command to

gbak -c -p 8192 <gbk> <gdb> -user ... -pass ....

it works, but very slowly.

Any ideas???

Thanks in advance

Andrew Monteith