Subject FB Error and something strange
Author Michael Vilhelmsen <Michael.Vilhelmsen@M

I have a customer and at his site we have 1 server running Windows
2000 with FB 1.0 installed.
Besides they have 6 clients.
They are all in a LAN.
The clients run Windows 98 or 98SE.

My DB has gotten corrupted.
In the log file, this message is found a lot:

version (291) )

I then connected to my customers PC (using PC-AnyWhere).
From there I accesses the server (as I have done often on other
customers PC).
The server has just been restarted, and the only other client started
was mine (PC-AnyWhere client).
On the server I TRIED to do this:

GFix -mend -user SYSDBA -password masterkey c:\Data\MyDB.GDB
GBak - CREATE -v -user SYSDBA -password masterkey "BackupDB" "NEWDB"

Both of the above gave

Unavailable database.
I then tried just connecting to the firebird via a program called
Upon login I got a message saying:
Cannot locate service (or something like that).

I was then forced to copy the DB from the server to the client PC.
On the client PC I (finally) managed to get my customer to install
Then LOCALLY i ran GFix -mend.
Completed telling med, there were 5 record error (Which means ?).

After that I ran GBak -t -v etc etc. to make a backup of my DB.
It completed with no error.

Then I have just started GBak -Create etc etc which is running at the
But this is going to take forever to complete since the machine is a
300 MHz with only 64 Mb RAM and a slow HDD, but eventually it will

What I don't understand in all this is:

Why can't I run GBak or GFix on the server ?

Why CAN i run GBak or GFix locally (of course because it all works!).

Why does the error in the LOG appear (INTERNAL GDS SOFTWARE ......) ?

Tommorrow one of my colleques are going over there (a short trip of
300 Km) to fix things for himself.
I would like to be able to offer more to him tommorrow on what to do.

We will change they HUB / SWITCH, the netcards in the machines, see
to it, that the netcabels are OK, etc. etc.

Besides the INTERNAL GDS SOFTWARE ...... the logfile also contains
multible lines saying error 10054.
From earlier experiences I know that this is often due to network
errors of some kind (thats why we will change the netcards etc).

Just 2 weeks ago we had the mobo in the server switched, because we
thought it was that, which caused the problems.
But obviously this didn't help.

Besides, we have around 6 other customers with more or less the same
setup of machines, hardware, networking etc and here it all runs

Soo any good input is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.