Subject Re: FB Error and something strange
Author Michael Vilhelmsen <Michael.Vilhelmsen@M

Forgot to tell, that from a client PC in can connect the the DB
locatted on the server, and I can do some (smaller) operations,
before I get disconnected.
When diconnected the error


is in the LOG file.

But still I can't connect to the DB on the server itself !

Strange ?!


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<Michael.Vilhelmsen@M...>" <Michael.Vilhelmsen@M...> wrote:
> Hi
> I have a customer and at his site we have 1 server running Windows
> 2000 with FB 1.0 installed.
> Besides they have 6 clients.
> They are all in a LAN.
> The clients run Windows 98 or 98SE.
> My DB has gotten corrupted.
> In the log file, this message is found a lot:
> version (291) )
> I then connected to my customers PC (using PC-AnyWhere).
> From there I accesses the server (as I have done often on other
> customers PC).
> The server has just been restarted, and the only other client
> was mine (PC-AnyWhere client).
> On the server I TRIED to do this:
> GFix -mend -user SYSDBA -password masterkey c:\Data\MyDB.GDB
> GBak - CREATE -v -user SYSDBA -password masterkey "BackupDB" "NEWDB"
> Both of the above gave
> Unavailable database.
> I then tried just connecting to the firebird via a program called
> AdminTool.
> Upon login I got a message saying:
> Cannot locate service (or something like that).
> I was then forced to copy the DB from the server to the client PC.
> On the client PC I (finally) managed to get my customer to install
> Firebird.
> Then LOCALLY i ran GFix -mend.
> Completed telling med, there were 5 record error (Which means ?).
> After that I ran GBak -t -v etc etc. to make a backup of my DB.
> It completed with no error.
> Then I have just started GBak -Create etc etc which is running at
> moment.
> But this is going to take forever to complete since the machine is
> 300 MHz with only 64 Mb RAM and a slow HDD, but eventually it will
> complete.
> What I don't understand in all this is:
> 1.
> Why can't I run GBak or GFix on the server ?
> 2.
> Why CAN i run GBak or GFix locally (of course because it all
> 3.
> Why does the error in the LOG appear (INTERNAL GDS
SOFTWARE ......) ?
> Tommorrow one of my colleques are going over there (a short trip of
> 300 Km) to fix things for himself.
> I would like to be able to offer more to him tommorrow on what to
> We will change they HUB / SWITCH, the netcards in the machines, see
> to it, that the netcabels are OK, etc. etc.
> Besides the INTERNAL GDS SOFTWARE ...... the logfile also contains
> multible lines saying error 10054.
> From earlier experiences I know that this is often due to network
> errors of some kind (thats why we will change the netcards etc).
> Just 2 weeks ago we had the mobo in the server switched, because we
> thought it was that, which caused the problems.
> But obviously this didn't help.
> Besides, we have around 6 other customers with more or less the
> setup of machines, hardware, networking etc and here it all runs
> smothly.
> Soo any good input is appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.
> Michael