Subject security problem...
Author rumpletilstikin <rumpletilstikin@yahoo.c
I am new in interbase and i am using borland C++ builder..i have a
table called company...and on a IBTable on my form i can clearly see
all columns related with this table...and i can also easily update
the table with my application after establishing a connection.My
problem is to make some columns read only for some users depending on
the user name. And i have tried all combinations of sql command

grant select on company to user1
grant update(companyname) on company to user1

if i use this command line in IBConsole, my C++ Builder compiler says
that,'there is a role error user1 have no read/write privilige to
access Company table'..i cant understand what is going on? i am
giving the select grant to user1..why compiler still tells no read
privilige for user1?

my application runs only with the command line

grant all on company to user1

but i dont want to give some privilige to user1 for instance company
address ....what can i do?

thanks for every response..