Subject Re[2]: [ib-support] Re: just if you are curious
Author Carlos H. Cantu
I think you must send this email to Firebird-devel list. I'm not sure
how many FB coders are reading ib-support list.


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FireBase -

RDP> Hi guys,

RDP> I have made the latest benchmark... due to the many requests :)
RDP> Beta3 is 20% faster than beta2 on selects.

RDP> FB BETA3 on a mine DB table composed by 550,000 records, 65 fields, 60
RDP> indexes it's exactly
RDP> 20 (twenty) times faster on select statements over the original interbase*
RDP> core based DB's!!!!!

RDP> Finally FB can approach other well know db as db2, oracle, etc...

RDP> Here the results (Athlon 1700mhz, 266ddr)
RDP> (this one is stopped by me after 29 queries
RDP> to not lose too time, still is enough to achieve a right average timing).

RDP> Btw I don't know the firebird source code, still I like to do you some
RDP> suggestions if you like to achieve further speed enhancement:
RDP> 1) if you use standard c++ library to manage data containers, you can switch
RDP> to these open stl, these libs are the most fast and
RDP> bug free data container libraries that exist for c++, you can use the
RDP> boolean associative array to match the logical (AND OR NOT) indexes arrays
RDP> in notime
RDP> 2) in NT instead of use winsock select() and accept(), you can use winsock2
RDP> with 2threads waiting on acceptEx (without select) mapped on
a ->>IOcompletionPort (with2 threads here too in concurrency to the IOCP)with
RDP> overlapped sockets: this mean use a fraction of the CPU time for the network
RDP> layer and boost reliability.
RDP> If you like some real hints, free to ask me, I already coded both two things
RDP> in C++ too (other than delphi, my favorite compiler).

RDP> Congratulations to the staff, and please to everyone subscribed to this
RDP> mailing list to advertise this DB engine to our programmer friends :)

RDP> have fun
RDP> Robi

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