Subject Re[6]: [ib-support] Recomended component for FireBird & Delphi ?
Author Serg Vostrikov
Dear Woody,

Wednesday, February 26, 2003, 6:29:51 PM, you wrote:

WT> I shouldn't really be commenting but I feel that I must. <g> One of the
WT> issues about getting changes into IBX is that Borland now owns it
Yes, I absolutely agree with you. Jeff can not make a decision
himself for most cases. However, sometimes if he does not make something
it is not only a Borland point of view :).

WT> that only help a select few. Bug fixes, errors and the like, are always
WT> considered and mostly implemented.
I do not know all cases but for example the bug with Insert method
(which works as Append) still exists in IBX. And this bug exists
in IBX since FreeIBComponents :). Jeff does not want to fix it at all.
I think some of ex-IBX-users can give you much more examples.

WT> Just my $0.02. <g>
OK :)

Sincerely yours,

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