Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: Maximum Capacity
Author Leyne, Sean (Ext. 225)

> > Yesterday, Sean Leyne mentioned in one of his postings that the
> > (current) theoretical limit is 32TB.
> Well, to be precise:
> He only said that he *believes* the (current) theoretical limit is
> 32 TB.

Not that I want to start a bun fight, but after using IB/FB for 8+
years, and following the various user fourms for 7+ years, I think it
can be said that when I said the theoretical limit is 32 TERABYTES!!!
Trust me it is.

(or at least, that 1 TERABYTE one way or the other isn't going to matter
to the 99.999999% of users)

As I suspect the case is with all other vendors, theoritical limits have
not been tested. Not many people can afford to buy the $1 million+ in
disk storage equipment or take the 2 months of CPU processing to test
the true limits of the engine.


P.S. 32TB would require 224 of the latest 147GB SCSI drives (not
mirrored or RAID, of course).