Subject Re: [ib-support] Recomended component for FireBird & Delphi ?
Author Adrian Roman
> it's not a matter of thoughts or opinions; they will, period.
> InterBase isn't going to stay compatible with Firebird.
> Firebird isn't going to stay compatible with InterBase.
> IBX is going to stay compatible with InterBase only.
> Draw your conclusions.

IBX will remain compatible for a while with IB 6. I think they are
compatible even with IB 5.
If FB would stay backwards compatible with IB 6, they should work (just
without the new features added).

> "So far" is the key. For long-term access to Firebird from Borland
> development tools (excl. JBuilder, of course) the choices that I know
> of are IBO, Fib+, dbExpress, perhaps ZeosDB. I have seen some IBX forks
> with the aim of providing a Firebird-compatible IBX for the future,
> also.

The only freeware choice would be ZeosDB. The others have a price. IBO even
over $300.
And let's not forget the cost of the time spent to change the IBX apps to
use another set of components.
I'd rather take the FB 1.0.2 source and change it to improve the performance
and fix bugs, rather than pay for a new set of components and spend time to
change the IBX apps :-)

Adrian Roman