Subject Re: Recomended component for FireBird & Delphi ?
Author Alexander V.Nevsky <>
--- In, "Adrian Roman" <aroman@r...> wrote:
> The only freeware choice would be ZeosDB. The others have a price.
IBO even
> over $300.
> And let's not forget the cost of the time spent to change the IBX
apps to
> use another set of components.
> I'd rather take the FB 1.0.2 source and change it to improve the
> and fix bugs, rather than pay for a new set of components and spend
time to
> change the IBX apps :-)

Adrian, I think much less difficult will be to take some old
open-source version of IBX and change it to fix bugs and and make it
compatible with FB :) I use Linux CS FB which have no Services API so
can't shurely speak about compatibility of IBAdmin set of components
from IBX with FB, but I recall some troubles with FB version number
recognition by IBX (to determine usability of this componets), perhaps
it's solved for a moment. FB1.5 have some API extensions, I'm shure
IB7 have own ones and difference should grow in the future, i.e.
perhaps you'll be able to access FB via IBX but can't use it's
tasteful new features. Take a look on FIBPlus, this set of components
growned from the same root with IBX and migration is'nt hard, in the
simply cases it can be made via search and replace in .dfm

Best regards, Alexander V.Nevsky.