Subject Re: is it possible to rename "sysdba"?
Author Alexander V.Nevsky <>
--- In, "Ian A. Newby <ian@w...>"
<ian@w...> wrote:
> But the key thing is to keep the superuser username secret.
> If anyone knows it, they can add a user with that name to a normal
> isc4.gdb and access your data.

Ian, if database itself is stolen, do you really think it is
difficult to connect to your database as any rightless user, make

select rdb$owner_name from rdb$relations

and reconnect as superuser creating the same name in isc4.gdb? While
user/password will be stored in ISC4 we never can feel safe if
someone have file access to database. Borland IB restrictions for
access to system table is a joke too - just use hex editor instead
select to know owner name.

Best regards, Alexander V.Nevsky.