Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird Super Server 1.0 on linux
Author Andy Browne

Have tried with IBExpert V2.5.06 on Win XP system, the first attempt, same as
the others. Then cleared all references to databases/servers. This seems to
work, I can see all database info for the example/employee.gdb I'll try with
mine a tomorrow.

Thanks for the ideas!


Helen Borrie wrote:

> At 02:25 PM 25/02/2003 +0000, you wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >I have Firebird Super Server rpm installed on a redhat 7.3
> >server.
> >
> >I can run the server and IBconsole various versions on windows
> >can all make contact, log in to the server etc. it will initially show
> >the database properties, tables etc. then I get SQL error -901 function
> >not supported. From then on I cannot see any of the properties of the
> >database.
> >
> >Any ideas or thoughts gratefully accepted.
> Most likely your IBConsole has the IB 6 version of gds32.dll in its home
> directory. If you find it does, just rename it or delete it, and make
> IBConsole look for it in your System directory (assuming you do have the
> Firebird client installed in the client machine, of course).
> A better alternative is to use a different admin program. Unlike the rest,
> IBConsole has never been maintained to keep up with Firebird features. See
> the Contributed Downloads at
> heLen
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