Subject Re: [ib-support] Non-technical database question
Author Christoph <>
> >Whereas to emulate a client server with Access, you have to create
> >database, then create a second 'database' which actually links to
all the
> >tables in the first database. In this way you can distribute the
> >database, so that the data is shared (because all data is in the
> >database, and any number of copies of the second database may
exist because
> >all that they do is point to the first).
> You've lost me here. Access's lack of client/server capability has
to do
> with its architecture, its locking design and its dependence on
> file-like structures within, that are slave to the I/O system of
> operating system.

It's access best practice to store the tables in one database file
and the links to the 'data' database tables and the forms, reports,
etc in another database file and put the 'program' database on the
users computers and the 'data' database on the file server. Still
not CS though.