Subject RE: [ib-support] Non-technical database question
Author Svein Erling Tysvaer
Hi Cassandra!

At 19:48 24.02.2003 +1000, you wrote:
>Okay, I understand that (I think). But why when run a metadata file through
>IBConsole, or the like, do I end up with a physical 'file' ie
>What is stopping me copying this .gdb file and reconnecting from somewhere

Well, if you know that no-one is connected to the database, then I think it
is possible to do a straight file copy (provided the hardware is similar,
e.g. copying from a machine running an 80x86 processor to something
completely different will invariably fail). If someone is connected, then I
guess your copy probably will contain errors making it more or less useless
(I doubt that the original database will be damaged by trying to make a
file copy, but I ain't 100% sure). That is why you should avoid including
Firebird databases in ordinary backups performed on all files at night.
Rather set up something that runs gbak and makes a copy this way. And gbak
is safe to run even if there are people working on the database.

>So would you say that my project should really not be using Firebird at all?
>Kind of like buying a tractor to mow my lawn.

Well, we usually prefer to think of Firebird as a 'sportstank'. But I don't
think Helen is saying that you should not be using Firebird, rather that
Firebird is very different from the system your accountants probably are
used to. Excepting the mentioning of file copying, I don't think you've
told us enough about the requirements for us to help you decide whether
Firebird is a good choice or not.

> >The RDBMS doesn't presuppose any specific means of
> >client access: the boot is on the other foot.
>Okay so export/import is the means in which to transfer data (though I am
>kind of starting to see that I really should not be using firebird/IB for


>I have actually really been thumbing through all the guides (API, Lang.
>Ref., Developers,..)alot. And reading alot about databases. I still feel
>like I am swimming. Please tell me this is normal.

Some of us simply doesn't do things as thoroughly as you do. When I started
working at The Cancer Registry of Norway, I was simply given Delphi,
Interbase Objects and some existing programs to work on. After several
years, I still only know a fraction, but that is the fraction that I need
to know in my current job. I've just been learning to swim in a little
pond, and not started by reading about how to cross the Atlantic. So yes, I
think your feeling is quite normal. Once you start working practically
using what you've read, you will see whether things work as expected or
not. Then you'll do a bit of trial and error and once you get a bit
confident you'll feel more at ease in the water.

I've enjoyed reading about your learning curve at this list. Thanks,