Subject RE: RE: [ib-support] Non-technical database question
Author Cassandra Harley
>You can't copy-and-paste data into a relational database management system
>(which is what Firebird is). What you do is write client applications to
>manage imported data and massage them into shape as SQL DML (data
>manipulation language) statements.
Okay, I understand that (I think). But why when run a metadata file through
IBConsole, or the like, do I end up with a physical 'file'
What is stopping me copying this .gdb file and reconnecting from somewhere

If the answer is that IB/FB is not designed for this (ie overkill), or that
it is bad use of an RDBMS, then I think I am beginning to understand.

If that is not the answer, then my apologies. I am trying to grasp it all.

>No, it's not DESIGNED as a Windows tool for hip-hopping data around between
>applications. It's a cross-platform relational database management
So would you say that my project should really not be using Firebird at all?
Kind of like buying a tractor to mow my lawn.

>The RDBMS doesn't presuppose any specific means of
>client access: the boot is on the other foot.
Okay so export/import is the means in which to transfer data (though I am
kind of starting to see that I really should not be using firebird/IB for

>Did you look it up in the Language Reference Guide?
I have now.

I have actually really been thumbing through all the guides (API, Lang.
Ref., Developers,..)alot. And reading alot about databases. I still feel
like I am swimming. Please tell me this is normal.

Thanks heaps for your answers (and patience)