Subject RE: [ib-support] Non-technical database question
Author Alan McDonald
by all means.
I also use the nifty little IBO feature or username prefixes.. that allows
me to have 01, 02 etc prefixes and have multiple users for each client as
well as being able to give each client their own user management.
Cassandra will still, however, have to decide if data is to be agregatted
for all clients.


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> it would be much better C/S
> methodology to keep all data from all clients in the one database where
> table data has a field called e.g. client number. Your queries (in your
> application) would always ask, inter alia, for only "where clientno=999"
> for each request for data.

When we have done this in the past, we have used views, that way the "where
clientno=999" is in the view, not the client. So instead of "Select * from
Invoices" you would "Select * from CusA_Invoices"

It would be even easier if each 'client' has its own single login username,
and use the CURRENT_USER variable in the views.


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