Subject Re: [ib-support] Non-technical database question
Author Phil Shrimpton
On Sunday 23 February 2003 13:14, you wrote:


> it would be much better C/S
> methodology to keep all data from all clients in the one database where
> table data has a field called e.g. client number. Your queries (in your
> application) would always ask, inter alia, for only "where clientno=999"
> for each request for data.

When we have done this in the past, we have used views, that way the "where
clientno=999" is in the view, not the client. So instead of "Select * from
Invoices" you would "Select * from CusA_Invoices"

It would be even easier if each 'client' has its own single login username,
and use the CURRENT_USER variable in the views.


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