Subject Re: GPL access and visual components for Linux GCC?
Author Marco Menardi <>
What I need is COMPONENTS to develop applications, not gui front ends
for database management.
I want to develop for KDE, Linux and the GPL community, using GCC that
AFAIK is also a C++ compiler (no, Kylix OO is not a GPL compiler/IDE).
I'm a Windows programmer used to Delphi and IBObjects
(, so I would like to find a similar way in the
Linux / C++ / GPL world.
Put that I want to develop a personal finactial manager (just an
example), I need to access the database (Firebird) with Queries
components, and have visual components to edit the fields (Edit boxes,
Grids, and so on), navigation bars, an so on.
Maybe "component" is a term common only in Delphi... I mean "classes",
"objects", "pre-build routines". I don't want to access the database
using low level API.
Marco Menardi

--- In, "William L. Thomson Jr."
<support@o...> wrote:
> The only native one I am aware of is IBAccess, written in Pascal, and
> available for both win and Linux platforms.
> IBAccess is MPL not GPL if it matters.
> Although I can't tell if the original poster wants a GUI to Firebird, or
> if they want a lib to use to develop GUI's with or what?
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> Sincerely,
> William L. Thomson Jr.