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This is a very elusive file. Have not found where to download it.
Problem is, I compile php with the --with-interbase=/opt/interbase, it
compiles fine, installs fine in /usr/local/php. Well, Suse installs php
in /usr/share/lib/php, so Apacha does not recognize it and come up that
it has to be compiled or loaded with php.ini. Seems to be
three options here where I have not found any solutions for.

1. Some how get the Suse to add the option to the rpm somehow.

2. Some how, change the installation of the new compiled php path to
overwrite the Suse intallation.

3. Find and put it in the proper place and laod it with php.ini

Has anyone any info on any of the three options above? If I can't find
an answer, guess I'll have to give up on Firebird as a database. Was
sure hoping on being able to use it.