Subject Re: [ib-support]
Author Milan Babuskov
Art Fore wrote:
> This is a very elusive file. Have not found where to download it.
> Problem is, I compile php with the --with-interbase=/opt/interbase, it
> compiles fine, installs fine in /usr/local/php. Well, Suse installs php
> in /usr/share/lib/php, so Apacha does not recognize it and come up that
> it has to be compiled or loaded with php.ini. Seems to be
> three options here where I have not found any solutions for.
> 1. Some how get the Suse to add the option to the rpm somehow.

Don't know about this one.

> 2. Some how, change the installation of the new compiled php path to
> overwrite the Suse intallation.

You can overwrite files, or remove files and make symlink to new
installation. Or, you can recompile Apache...

> 3. Find and put it in the proper place and laod it with php.ini

Easiest to do. You can make from PHP sources. I have found
two ways of doing this, both work. Here's what I use:

a) go to ext/interbase directory in PHP source tree. Run:
make install

And you should have in modules directory (IIRC)



Milan Babuskov