Subject Re: backing up problem
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--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@m...> wrote:
> well there's nothing wrong with what yo're *trying* to do, it's
just what
> exactly you are doing that's the problem.
> yes it's possible (most admins do it this way
> no don't shut the server down (it' needs the server running to run
> AT scheduler needs administrator/password to work while not logged
onto the
> console (but the scheduler will ask for a uname and pword when you
schedule it)

yup, this is set... it is however different from the admin account
which is entered in firebird, but as I believe both
(firebird/windows user database) are not linked with each other. So
I'm lost here.

It's strange, since also the backup tool I used before returned an
error when not logged in :-(. I hoped I could receive a better error
message, but all I get is errorcode 1.

> can't think of anything else you might be doing wrong
> Alan
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> > do you need a vbs script? I would wonder about ACL with regard to
> the
> > scripting engine.
> > I would better recommend a plain old vanila DOS batch file. I do
> on all
> > my servers. There are also specialist backup services if you want
> them (see ibphoenix)
> Well, I tried this before. But it gives the same result! It runs
> perfect when I'm logged in. But from the moment it needs to work
> when not logged in, it returns a failure.
> I tried IB Backup/Restore schedular.
> Tom.
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