Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: backing up problem
Author Alan McDonald
well there's nothing wrong with what yo're *trying* to do, it's just what
exactly you are doing that's the problem.
yes it's possible (most admins do it this way
no don't shut the server down (it' needs the server running to run gbak)
AT scheduler needs administrator/password to work while not logged onto the
console (but the scheduler will ask for a uname and pword when you schedule

can't think of anything else you might be doing wrong

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Subject: [ib-support] Re: backing up problem

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> do you need a vbs script? I would wonder about ACL with regard to
> scripting engine.
> I would better recommend a plain old vanila DOS batch file. I do it
on all
> my servers. There are also specialist backup services if you want
them (see ibphoenix)

Well, I tried this before. But it gives the same result! It runs
perfect when I'm logged in. But from the moment it needs to work
when not logged in, it returns a failure.

I tried IB Backup/Restore schedular.


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