Subject Re[2]: [ib-support] Interview with Mark O'Donohue
Author Carlos H. Cantu
Well, even DOOM is being converted to Delphi so I'm sure FB can be
converted too :-)

The good thing : more users helping with code development (including
myself :-)

The bad thing : FB would loss a lot of supported platforms since
Delphi runs only in Windows and Linux.

Maybe FreePascal would be a better choice...

... just dreaming a little ;)


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LSE2> Sandeep,

>> In his interview he says
>> "Firebird should have been written in Delphi"

LSE2> You missed the context in which Mark made that statement:

LSE2> "Firebird has long had a strong user community, many of whom were
LSE2> introduced to Firebird through their love (some would say a masochistic
LSE2> love) of other Borland products. So if Firebird had been written in
LSE2> Delphi, it would have been overrun with developers. (As it was the few
LSE2> of us who remembered C needed to bring out the old text books again)."

>> Is it possible to convert current c++ code to delphi?

LSE2> I suppose, like anything, it could be converted...

LSE2> Sean

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