Subject Re: Interclient install help request
Author jessica0012003 <
Thanks for your reply.

> Interclient is a reliic that is no longer being maintained.
> Jaybird is the new Type 4 driver.

Yes, I was told this recently. I am also trying to Jaybird to work,
but unsuccessfully. I have posted to the firebird-Java site about
the problems with Jaybird but have received no reply yet
(thread 'Firebird, JDBC and Tomcat'). The apparent advantage of
InterClient is that I can test it with its utilities before I try my

> You have installed the version for JDK 1.2.x, if you want to
> use 1.4, you will need to find one that has been compiled with
> 1.4. (not sure if anyone has done that)

Perhaps this is the root of my problems with Jaybird and
Interclient. Should I try JDK 1.3.x with both?

> You need to put the full path the database, not just the
> folder, but what with the JDK issue, it probably won't work
> anyway. I suggest you give the Jaybird driver a go.

Would you put the database name in the "Interserver Host"
and "Database file" fields?

I seem to be going round in circles with this problem. It seems that
JSP apps can be very difficult to install from scratch.