Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird & OOo
Author Phil Shrimpton
On Tuesday 11 February 2003 06:46, you wrote:


> The problem I see here, Helen, is that when you look at the
> Firebird-java messages then - even as a programmer - it can
> be a bit overpowering. Some of it is more obscure than the
> firebird developer list <g>

I think the reason is that for the most part Jaybird works as expected, and
there are already plenty of JDBC lists/newsgroups/articles/books etc.
elsewhere that can answer the majority of the questions people have. When
people post to the firebird-java list, it is normally beacuse they have
encountered a bug, which wakes up the developers and things get technical.

For Jaybird related questions, the fb-java list is certainlly better than
this list, mainly because there are a number of gurus that read it, that
don't read this list

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