Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird & OOo
Author William L. Thomson Jr.

On Mon, 2003-02-10 at 18:38, Helen Borrie wrote:
> Sure, but where my curiosity comes in is what a non-programmer is going to
> do with an implied criticism, I am simply *curious*.

I did not take it as criticism, however since Art did not reply, I do
not think he will say?


I am curious to, but we can both use our imaginations. :)

They can use OO with Firebird to create all sorts of stuff. Basically it
gives you access to your data via tool that allows you to do allot with
data. You can make letters, lists, labels. etc. all using your data in
the db. You can copy and paste, or select rows, columns, and etc. and
manipulate lots of data at once.

You can create tables, manipulate the data, and lots more. I have not
had time to fully investigate and research what all it can and can't do.
I do know it's allot.

> For example, in MS Word, end-users can use MSQuery to extract data for
> static output; or in various Windows development IDEs you can build in
> Ole-DB providers to exchange data between applications...generally, there
> is a programmer behind such apps, even where the end-users are able to
> define their own queries.

OO has a built in query tool for the datasources. You can get allot of
functionality out of it without needing anything else outside of OO. You
can also store your queries.

Now between apps? It depends on what you define as an app.

In the sense that I think you mean that would require some sort of
program or script. However in the sense of between say PowerPoint
presentations or the OO equivalent, then you can exchange the data
between them, or share it among them.

> >In the end do we really care why or how they are using Firebird, or
> >simply that they are using Firebird. It will only help spread the word.
> Exactly - which is the reason I asked.

Not sure if you will ever know the reason. You might want to try and
email Art directly? Maybe he will tell you more than he has told the
group on his uses for Firebird with OO.

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