Subject Newbie; isc_service_query; isc_info_svc_server_version
Author paul_damian <>
Hi *,

I'm writing an front app for Firebird 1.0.2 (actually porting it from
MS-SQL) in Visual Basic 6. I'm trying to use the isc_service_query
API function to retrieve the server version. And I'm having trouble
to write the Declare Function in VB and call it, and I don't don't

In an article on the Borland site, there's a statement that for
passive services (like this one) there's no need to attach a service
(isc_service attach) before calling isc_service_query, but in the API
documentation it says that it is manadatory. So, where's the truth?
So, I don't know how exactly to build the SPB, because I have to give
out username, password, server & protocol (
and the isc_info_svc_server_version constant.

Any help? ;)

Best regards,