Subject Re: Newbie; isc_service_query; isc_info_svc_server_version
Author Christoph <>
Do you just want to use the API to getthings like the server version
or do you want to use it to run queries and fetch data?

I could be wrong but I don't think you are going to be able to access
firebird in any meaningful way from vb6 using api. You can call the
various functions until you need to pass an XSQLDA or XSQLVAR (not
sure witch). That needs to be created using a malloc or similar in c
and I couldn't figure out how to do it in vb6.

You could write a wrapper in c (as I did in .net, or use one of the oledb
or odbc drivers.

If someone else on the list thinks I am wrong please let me know.


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<paul_damian@y...> wrote:
> Hi *,
> I'm writing an front app for Firebird 1.0.2 (actually porting it from
> MS-SQL) in Visual Basic 6. I'm trying to use the isc_service_query
> API function to retrieve the server version. And I'm having trouble
> to write the Declare Function in VB and call it, and I don't don't
> why.
> In an article on the Borland site, there's a statement that for
> passive services (like this one) there's no need to attach a service
> (isc_service attach) before calling isc_service_query, but in the API
> documentation it says that it is manadatory. So, where's the truth?
> So, I don't know how exactly to build the SPB, because I have to give
> out username, password, server & protocol (
> and the isc_info_svc_server_version constant.
> Any help? ;)
> Best regards,
> Paul