Subject Re: Firebird hangs very often
Author Aage Johansen
Serg Vostrikov wrote:
> Dear Aage,
> AJ> > IBExpress components
> AJ> These _may_ be compatible with Firebird now, but the developer has
> AJ> that no effort will be made to keep IBX compatible with
Firebird. If you
> AJ> intend to use Fb (or IB and Fb), you should consider alternative
> AJ> middleware. I don't know FIBplus,
> FIBPlus definitely supports FB now and it will support new versions of
> Firebird in future.

Hello Serg!

I certainly didn't want to be negative towards FIBPlus - I only meant to
say that I don't know it (I've not used FIBPlus, but I do use IBO on a
daily basis).
I knew it will support Fb as well as IB, but I see now that what I wrote
could be taken as meaning "I don't know whether it will support Fb". Mea
culpa. Thanks for clearing this up.

Aage J.