Subject installing v1.5 beta 1
Author Scott Pickett
Under Windows 2000, I downloaded v1.5 and unzipped it
into c:\fb15\. From c:\vb15\bin\, I did the

set INTERBASE=c:\fb15\
instsvc install %INTERBASE% -auto
instreg install %INTERBASE%

At this point, it seems to be running. The registry
does have some Firebird entries and the service is

I go into c:\fb15\bin and type ISQL and get the 'SQL>'
prompt. But if I try to create a database using:

CREATE DATABASE 'c:\vt\test\fdb' page_size 8192 user
'DBASYS' password 'masterkey';

I get the message:

Statement failed, SQLCODE = -904
unavailable database

If I quit back to the dos prompt and try to run
GSEC.EXE using any of the following commands:

gsec -database c:\fb15\isc4.gdb
gsec -user DBASYS -password masterkey
gsec -user DBASYS -password masterkey -database

I get the following message:

unavailable database
unable to open database

The files isc4.gdb and isc4.gbk are in c:\fb15. They
have a January 28, 2003 date. (I am working on this
on February 4, 2003.)

I assume I did not install it properly. What have I
done wrong?

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