Subject RE: [ib-support] Firebird service shutdown
Author sugi
> I would strongly advise using the Guadian service under
> Windows, as this will
> restart the FB service automatically when it goes down.
Thank you for the suggestion. Will do. I think I disabled it when I
started using FB (converting from IB 5.x) because of some error

> As for your problem, anything of note in interbase.log?
Two entries seems very suspicious, others are just INET errors :
AVATAR (Server) Mon Jan 13 23:43:30 2003
Database: D:\DATA.GDB
internal gds software consistency check (memory pool free list
is invalid (152))
AVATAR (Server) Fri Nov 22 12:51:22 2002
 Access violation.
The code attempted to access a virtual
address without privilege to do so.
This exception will cause the Firebird server
to terminate abnormally.

OTOH, there are some INET 10054 errors on the log, but I cannot seem to
recall seeing any such errors on the client side. Is this ok? I tried
the searchable knowledgebase at, but cannot find any
references to the 'internal gds software consistency check' or 'access
violation' errors.
Is this a client-side problem or a server-side problem?

Thank you very much in advance.