Subject Can i recover this database?
Author outergods01 <>
Hi, im needing help with a problem i have on a medical database.
Long storey short, here are the facts.
The DB structure is 4 files spilt over 2 physical volumes. Interbase
5.6 on NT4 server.

One of the volumes was swopped out for a larger volume, but the files
were copied to the new location. A backup/restore was not performed.

The files now reside in the same logical locations, but upon
accessing the database with WISQL or another SQL tool an error is

Wrong Page Type Expected 7 found 1

I ran a validate on the database and requested that errors be
repaired, but when i attempt to run a Gbak on the database i am

Wrong Page Type Page 150 expected 7 found 3

Is there anything that can be done with this database to recover it?
we are potentially looking at loosing 6 weeks worth of consultations
and medical notes