Subject Install Super Server on Gentoo Linux
Author William L. Thomson Jr.
Does anyone know of a way to install the Super Server version instead of
the Classic version on Gentoo Linux.

It seems to compile from source using the 1.0.3 version which should
support building either SS or CS on Linux.

However as part of the emerge process a tarball comes with CS in it's

I am assuming who ever make the ebuild for firebird only did if for CS?

Hopefully there will also be a ebuild soon for the Firebird 1.5 before
it's final release.

In the mean time I guess I will install a binary version of SS like I
used to on RH boxes. However I hate to have Firebird be the only app on
my Gentoo boxes that is not compiled specifically for the machine it
will run on.

Any assistance or info is greatly appreciated.
William L. Thomson Jr.
Support Group
Obsidian-Studios, Inc.