Subject Re: Strange performance with FB 1.5 - Help
Author bazarin
--- In, Olivier Mascia <om@t...>
> Dear,
> On Tue, 30 Dec 2003 17:12:16 -0000,
> bazarin wrote :
> > I did the change in the CPU bios now and run the test again. This
> > the results:
> >
> > 1) The processing time for one client decreased to 1:30 minutes
> > less).
> > 2) Running the system with 4 clients the time continued almost 4
> > times more (5:20 minutes).
> > 3) Looking at the log for each client we could noticed:
> > 3.1) Although each client started at the same time (we put 4
> > engineers starting the application at once in each microcomputer)
> > second client started 17 seconds after the first, the third
> > 57 seconds after the second and the fourth 40 seconds after the
> > 3.2) It seems that the FB could not start the four clients at
> >
> > Is there something in the FB configuration that we could change
> > solve this?
> Pardon me, but these results look a bit irrealistic. Are you sure
> there isn't something to be changed in the application design
first ?
> Those delays for the 4 clients connecting and starting their work
> looks odd and certainly uncommon to Firebird world.
> Kind of transactions used mostly through the app ? Consistency ?
> Are you makeing use of table reservations ?
> Using the new 'you-should-not-need-it' row-locking ?
> Could you provide a test case ?
> At least what does the applications between the time they start (hit
> enter key) and the time they log their start time ?
> Are you using Windows 2000 Server or workstation ?
> Are the databases named in .GDB ? or in .FDB ?
> --
> Best Regards,
> Olivier Mascia

Olivier and Daniel:

Thank you for your help and support.

We analysed both comments and tryed to test the most.
For sure we think that this situation is not common in FB world and
that something could not be correct in the application environment.
First we tried to do changes in the FB configuration in the section
related with windows specifics but nothing changed. As a matter of
fact changing the windows parameter for zero does not worked at all.
Second according Olivier comments we started to look at the
application itself and found out a 30 seconds delay in the client
application introduced to prevent users delay in the production
operation. We changed the delay to 1 second and could find any delay
between each client. Now all starts at the same time as expected.
We tested again all environment with the changes done according
Daniel/Olivier (changing the database to FDB) suggestion and with
only one client we continue to get 1:30 minutes to run the
application. Running all 4 clients the time decreased to 5:05
minutes, but we continue to expect no more than 3 minutes.
We tried to change the database page size from 1k to 8k and the time
for 4 clients increased to 8 minutes (I cannot understand why).
We did not tryed yet to change FB from SuperServer to Classic but we
will do that next January 2nd. I will let you know the results.

As requested for information:

1) We are using Windows 2000 workstation and not Server;
2) FireBird version Release Candidate;
3) We are not using table reservations;

If you have other ideas in how to help us on this it will be very
appreciated. I will continue to work on this during the Holidays.

I would like again to thank you very much for the help, and I would
like all of you a very Happy New Year with a lot of money and health.

Wagner Bazarin