Subject Re: Views getting corrupt
Author nols_smit
Yes I know the mechanics behind views. But the SQL statements of a
view must be stored somewhere in a data base table(s) and I suspect
it is that table(s) getting corrupt because when I open the corrupt
view (using IBManager) I get the following message:
Arithmetic overflow or division by zero has occured.
arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, or string truncation

If I delete and then re-create the view with it's original SQL
statements then the problem disappears till I do a Backup and Restore.

My guess is:

The Backup/Restore utility of IBManager's V3.6.5.1 does not match up
with Firebird SuperServer V1.5 RC6, or
Firebird SuperServer V1.5 RC6 cannot handle 60 views in a database.

In the meantime I will do a Backup/Restore with the trial version of
Database Workbench V2.4.1.4 and also with the gbak.exe utility of
Firebird SuperServer V1.5 RC6 and also using the IBBackupService and
IBRestoreService components of Delphi


Nols Smit

--- In, Paul Reeves <paul@f...>
> On Monday 29 December 2003 11:34, nols_smit wrote:
> > I recreated the corrupt views and then I took Backup and restored
> > database (using IBManager In this process 9 views again
> > gone corrupt.
> >
> Views cannot become corrupt. They are simply SQL statements that
can look,
> smell and act like tables. However, at all times they remain SQL
> statements. If there is a problem it is with the data in the tables
> the View is trying to access.
> What happens when you execute the raw SQL statements? (ie, the
select part
> that you use as part of the view definition.) You ought to be able
> pinpoint which tables and (more importantly) which rows have the
> data.
> Paul
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