Subject Re: [firebird-support] Oracle vs Firebird Technical Comparison
Author Elmar Haneke
R. S. Patil schrieb:

> Our Competitors have come with Oracle based product and we are
> having Delphi+Firebird Product.

An general comparison is worth nothing here. As your application does
run with firebird, it obviously does not require any of the features
available in Oracle only.

If your Application is portable enough it might bbe an consideration
to run it against both databases and see the results.

You cannot get any answer on the question "Does the competing app run
better on Oracle than ours does on Firebird?" without directly
comparing both apps on the respective Database. To have a fair test
you should make shure that Oracle is installed by an expert - there
are lots of parameters for tuning. Firebird does have significantly
less parameters to tune performance.

Comparing the Databses without comparing the apps is like predicting
the winner of a car-race only by comparing the engines.

> The project, which we are fighting for, has estimated data volume
> 500 MB to 1 GB and will have dedicated Unix/Linux/W2k sever with 15
> Nodes in a LAN

If "Nodes" does mean "Clients" this is far from beeing a Problem for
Firebird. When the server itself is to be distributed on 15 Machines I
would assume Oracle to be the winner.