Subject 2 newbie questions
Author Fred Pratt
Hi All -
I am using 1.5 RC5 Classic on Linux. I know that I should be on RC7 and
will get there asap. This weekend, the last database file on one of my
firebird instances went over 4gb and things seem fine. I assume that the
4gb file limit mentioned *several* times in the "Interbase 6 Operations
Guide" is no longer in effect. So here are my questions:

1. What is the new database file size limit?
2. Is there a better source for this kind of info?
3. What is the difference between sweeping and garbage-collecting? I have
turned automatic sweeping off and do it once per day using gfix -sweep. Is
sweeping with gfix necessary if I do a gbak backup daily?

TIA for any help on this,


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