Subject Re: [firebird-support] Confusion on sequence for importing data
Thanks, guys

I'll have another play later today.


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> As a relative newcomer here, I could really do with some help:
> I am required to create a database, then import the data from several
> Access (spit!) tables, and create indexes, triggers/generators and FK
> constraints.
> The problem I have is with the sequence in which these should be done.
> The structure of all the FB tables (and their indexes/constraints etc)
> has been decided, and saved as an .sql
> I modified the .sql script to only create the database and tables, then
> pumped over the data (using dbWB), then attempted to add the
> indexes/FKs and triggers/generators. This doesn't appear to work as I
> had hoped.
> In these circumstances, is there an 'accepted' sequence to follow?
> Cheers
> Terry (dim-as-Toc-H-lamp) Riley