Subject Re: [firebird-support] Multiple DBMS Access to single GDB files
Author Ann Harrison
Helen Borrie wrote:

>># Allows for database files which exists on a NFS mounted partition to
>># be opened by the engine.
>Unless all you want to do is read, don't try it out on any databases you love.
Obviously, the creator of that option thought it had merit, and
probably networks exist in the world where each database is accessed
from exactly one machine and that policy can be enforced by something
other than the database engine. Helen's point is a good one but does
not go far enough. Access through multiple servers is safe for
read-only databases. It is not safe for read access to read/write
databases because even a read transaction causes some updates - garbage
collection, registering transactions, etc.



Why am I complaining about this? Corrupt databases are my bread and