Subject Re: [firebird-support] Multiple DBMS Access to single GDB files
Author Elmar Haneke
Tim Ledgerwood schrieb:

> Each DBMS engine looks at the same database (in IB/FB terms, the GDB file)
> file over the network.

What exactly should be the benefit from doing this. When planning
"load balancing" it is required to have multiple disks involved - else
ther will be no performance gain. Therefore for load-balancing purpose
multiple physical copies of the database are maintained.

Usually it would me more performant if all clients do connect directly
to the DBMS-Server on the machine where the data is stored.

> Is there any sense in doing this? Can one do it with IB/FB? Should one do

I would assume that none of the commonly known database-servers can
handle this situation. Maybe the usage of Peer-Databases as MS-Access
(or SQLite) should be considered here. These DBMS are prepared to work
on an shared file.