Subject Re: [firebird-support] Multiple DBMS Access to single GDB files
Author Daniel Rail

At December 11, 2003, 17:58, Markus Ostenried wrote:

> <quote>
> # ----------------------------
> # Allow opening of data files on NFS volumes
> #
> # Allows for database files which exists on a NFS mounted partition to
> # be opened by the engine.
> #
> # The original behavour was to try and connect to server on the remote
> # machine via port 3050, this ensures that all opens of a file occur on
> # the same machine and locking etc can be handled appropriately. However,
> # this often causes frustration since often you end up in a position
> # where you really do want db files to be opened by the local process
> # even though it resides on a NFS share. So this option allows for this
> # 'feature' to be turned off.
> #
> # Type: boolean
> #
> #RemoteFileOpenAbility = 0
> </quote>

As you can see, it is turned off by default. And, it only works for
NFS shares(Unix flavors(including Darwin), but not Windows). And,
this does not suggest that it would be possible for multiple Firebird
servers to use the same database file, without ANY negative effects.
And, having the database file on a remote system in relations to where
the Firebird server is running, does have its drawbacks and would have
to be used with caution.

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